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This Journal, This Journey, It's My Life!

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

This journal is not your average blog, it is a journey of what I went through, that many go through in life. This journal is meant to let others know that you are not alone. That many of us go through life barely making it, we lose loved ones and feeling unworthy of greatness. I am hoping this brings many together to help each other out and lift each other up and not bring down. I relate a lot of my life through music, so sometimes you'll see a music video on my posts.

The Beginning of The End

In November 2019 I was very ill, I thought my days were numbered, my doctor was worried and yet only three people in my life knew the severity of this illness. I am not going to mention names to protect those involved, but out of those three people, only one was a blood relative, my son. The other two were two of my closest friends that I see as family.

This illness took me out for two weeks. No sooner after I was feeling a little better, I got more bad news from the state on taxes owed. Yes, more bad news, as if what they started doing earlier that year did not put me in a state of living behind on my bills and rent. The year 2019 was a blur and I have no idea how I made it through.

New Home, New Beginning, New Memories

I give thanks to my son for my new beginning. He told me to leave the state of California and start a new life with him in Idaho. I was tired of life being generous yet it came with a high price and I could not do it alone anymore. I am 49 years old and I feel like I have not done anything in my life but work. I have been saying for the last 3 years that I want to live, not survive like I have been the last 29 years. When my son told me to leave California and leave everything behind, my amazing six-figure career, my lifestyle and my surviving life, I realized that this is my only chance to live and not worry. It's my life and I want to live it.

I have always been a suburb living city girl. My friends say I am "Boujee" aka "luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character" Sadly enough they are right. So how does a Boujee girl like me end up in a state like Idaho where everyone is humble, no luxury like my home in South County? Stay tuned...


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