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Abot WineShop At Home

The world is our vineyard.

WineShop At Home, founded in 2005, is headquartered in the legendary Napa Valley. Our winery, owned by the Fredrick family of Dallas, Texas, produces award-winning, exclusive, artisan wines across 50 brands.

Our WineShop At Home Artisan Wines™ family of brands offer a unique taste at every price point. Explore our extensive array of wine varietals and exclusive blends. From sweet and bubbly to dry and crisp whites, smooth and supple to bold and intense reds, we feature artisan wines for every occasion, palate and personality.

Why WineShop At Home

Our wines are marketed exclusively through our community of Independent Wine Consultants across 40 states. They present in-home Wine Tastings where guests can taste our wines and learn about, experience and buy wines directly from our winery. Our One Wine Nation family came for the taste and stayed for the lifestyle because we offer the best compensation plan in the market and the broadest wine collection.

Let’s Have a Virtual Wine Party Together

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